Wednesday, January 22, 2014

eFaucets Customer Satifaction

People are always willing to share bad experiences before good, it's human nature. Why, because there's strong emotions involved with bad experiences. A bad experience can make a person feel hurt which leads to feeling mad at the person or place that has wronged them. When a person gets mad their first reaction is to get even with the person or place in whatever manner they can. In today's Amazon driven ecommerce market people gravitate to online review sites to leave nasty, hurtful remarks because they had one bad experience with a company. It's understandable that a bad experience is hard to take sometimes, especially when a lot money is involved.

No matter the venture or task there is always the possibilty for a mistake or oversite, either on the company's part or the customers part. All companies make mistakes it's part of being business and it's also part of being human.  Many times we as humans don't cut each other enough slack. 

It's part of human nature to try and 'warn' others of our bad experiences, when in fact the people that are being 'warned' might actually have a good experience with a company or product.

eFaucets has taken a few hits on #consumeraffairs, #pissedcustomer, #yelp and some other review websites. But what isn't listed there are the tens of thousands of customers that have had a great experience with the company. 

eFaucets priority is customer satisfaction, if it wasn't they wouldn't be in business. Take for instance eFaucets Bizrate page: eFaucets has an 8.4 out of ten rating. This is a pretty decent rating. 

 Lets also look at the Better Business Bureau's rating of eFaucets: eFaucets received an A+ rating. The BBB doesn't just hand those out if the company isn't doing what they should be doing.

Sometimes you cannot believe everything you read either in this instance on this customer actually admitted to trying to scam eFaucets on a sink where there was a misprinted price. Any company has the right to refuse a sale, if they didn't mistakes would drive many companies out of business. Mistakes happen, how many times a day do you think Starbucks messes up a drink? Plenty, but keep going back because they make every attempt to get the sale right. This is eFaucets policy as well. 

eFaucets has had thousands of #compliments and #satisfied #customers. The point is don't believe every #efaucet #review and #complaint your see out there. 

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